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How does one define worship?
We often look for Biblical definitions or examples, of which there are many. And we look to the traditions of a church or denomination, drawing upon a rich history of song and prayer. We may also find our own ways that we connect with God on a personal level, whether it is while going for a walk in the woods, playing with our kids, serving food to the hungry or spending time with friends. God can be present and glorified in any number of ways.

Now, regarding congregational worship, First Lutheran’s music is as diverse as those who attend, ranging from ancient hymns and familiar choruses to the latest modern worship songs and original compositions. The instrumentation as well can range from a rich acoustic sound (consisting of acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, whistles and percussion…) to high energy electric guitars, drums, bass and synth. We hope that the moments of worship at FLC will help you connect with God and to express your heart in song; putting words to your praises and giving you a good start to your week.

Serving in the Worship Ministry
Worship Teams: Musicians,vocalists, sound techs and computer personel.
Click here for the current Audio Visual team schedule.
For information call Pete Justine at (403) 852-0146

Altar care: Ensures chancel area is always prepared for Worship.
For information call: (403) 242-4544

Ushers: Responsible for the smooth running of the logistics of a worship service. Teams rotate on a weekly basis.

Counters: Responsible for counting and recording offerings.
Call Kelly Blackwell (403) 242-4544 ext.207

Greeters: Meet and greet members and visitors and provide information about the church. Call Liz Gahan (403) 242-4544 ext.205

Welcome desk: The place to stop if you have any questions.
Call Liz Gahan (403) 242-4544 ext.205